Charles Wright | Vents Magazine Reviews “Something To Make You Feel Good”
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Vents Magazine Reviews “Something To Make You Feel Good”

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“Answer to My Prayers” opens Something to Make You Feel Good on an extraordinarily solid note. It’s a light, relatively breezy blues prioritizing structure and melody over any guitar histrionics and Wright leaps out of the mix with tremendous engagement. He takes an audacious turn on “Apartment Living”, a hard-edged slab of funk with dense, layered instrumentation. “Looking for an Ugly Woman” has a stylish groove that takes over immediately and Wright rides it masterfully. The song has some obvious comedic qualities, but Wright’s songwriting artistry lies in the song’s subtle undertones only discerning listeners will pick up on. “She Don’t Believe In Love” hinges on the same songwriting model; it presents itself as one thing, but there’s an underside to the track that gives it added depth. “Happiness” blasts out with resounding energy that quickly captures listeners’ attention and the brass section boils over with vivid, forceful energy.

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